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Here are some of the things that you may want to know about me as you read this blog:

I have always wanted to become an excellent chef.

When I was younger, I remember constantly helping out in the kitchen and playing with my toys, specifically Barbie dolls and kitchen tools. Back then, I started to use my imagination and I tried to mix water, baby powder, and some of my fake vegetables in one of my toy pans. I pretended to be a chef! Haha. Although it was such a mess, I really enjoyed it!
Also, because of my growing interest in food, I enjoy going to the groceries with my family and helping my mom prepare food at home. I try to expose myself to many cooking/baking events, books, and shows as much as possible. This kind of exposure continues to make my heart melt and fall in love with baking and cooking even more.

Moreover, when I would see bakeries, chefs, recipe books, pastry shops, culinary schools, restaurants, kitchen tools, baking equipment, and of course, delicious food (even fruits on a tree and vegetables on plants! Haha!), I would always find myself smiling. Although I am not enrolled in a culinary school now, I still believe that I can develop my skills and knowledge in baking and cooking by God’s grace and with the help of books, motivation, professional advice, hard work, and of course, hands-on baking and cooking experiences in the kitchen.

I enjoy writing in my journal and studying the Bible.

It has been eleven years since the first time I wrote in my journal and it still feels great to write and learn some more! I actually did not expect myself to continue it when I started because there were times when I would feel lazy or be busy. However, by God’s grace, He continues to give me the desire to do it! From studying one verse to eventually meditating on a chapter every day, I found my heart being strengthened further and filled with hope.

Whenever I would write my experiences and the lessons I learn from them and from studying the Bible, I would always feel refreshed, satisfied, and encouraged. God even uses simple moments that I have to speak to my heart and it is really great. This is something that I appreciate a lot!

I like encouraging.

The reason why I like doing this is because God has been awesome in encouraging me every day and I want to share it to others too. I would like to encourage others even in the simplest ways (communicating and bonding with them, serving them, giving them baked goodies [haha], etc.).

Let’s face it, every now and then, we get discouraged and it is tough! However, if we continue to expose ourselves to those that encourage us, I know it would help us get back up again, most especially, if we seek encouragement from the One who knows and loves us most — God.

I hope that in this blog, you will be encouraged somehow. :P

God bless you, guys!

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