Thursday Tune

The kind of music we listen to certainly affects us. Somehow, the lyrics and the melodies of the songs we always hear (and sing) touch the deepest parts of our hearts and influence our thoughts and actions.

For example, constantly listening to love (or happy) songs may make us feel ecstatic and giddy inside. On the other hand, exposing ourselves to heartbreaking (or bitter) songs may somehow help ease the pain we feel. However, the latter may eventually encourage us to stay “emotionally unhealthy” too.

Since what goes on in our hearts and minds strongly shape the decisions that we make in life, it is a good reminder for us to carefully consider what we will allow our ears to hear, our eyes to read, and our mouths to say/sing.

God spoke to me while I was eating dinner and reading Psalm 18 a while ago. This was mentioned in the chapter’s description: “For the director of music. Of David the servant of the Lord. He sang to the Lord the words of this song…” In the chapter, David was able to express the different emotions that He had and the joys and troubles that He encountered at that time. But, what struck me the most was David’s attitude of praising God in his situation. He praised God through his songs/psalms. His heart was without a doubt in tune with God’s.

And with that, God encouraged me to start “THURSDAY TUNE”, where I will be sharing with you ONE ENCOURAGING TUNE (SONG) every Thursday starting today. I know that we all get discouraged every now and then, but, filling our minds and hearts with songs that are based on God’s truth and promises for us (found in the Bible) would definitely strengthen us.


(October 18, 2012)


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