Be a Blessing in the Workplace

Every morning, my dad and mom would listen to the radio and tune in to 702 DZAS. This radio station has been a great source of encouragement and inspiration to our family. One of their segments, “Pro Tips”, which is hosted by Maloi Malibiran Salumbides, talks about action steps and biblical principles on being a blessing in the workplace.

Photo taken from her Facebook account. :)
Photo taken from her Facebook account. :)

Last February 18, 2014, I passed by the kitchen (where the radio was) and I heard the host talk about the Pro Tips for the day. I don’t remember her exact words, but I remembered some of the principles she said:

1. Be content with your work, but don’t be lazy. She encouraged the listeners to find contentment in God as we work for Him and not compare our work, tasks, and situations to others. Also, she emphasized that being content is different from being lazy. We must also learn how to strive and excel continuously at work because it is God’s blessing to us.

2. Continue to aspire and dream big. She also talked about how our God is able to do so much more than we can ever imagine or think of and because of this, we can hope and desire for bigger things in the workplace. (Eph. 3:20)

3. Be open to the things that God wants us to do. There would be times when God would speak to us about certain decisions at work (e.g. moving to a different department, looking for another job, starting our own business, training others, etc.) and it’s important that we open our hearts to these and obey Him when He tells us to do something. God can definitely use these faith steps and new opportunities to develop our character and skills. Most importantly, it’ll help us grow in our relationship with Him as we choose to honor Him in our career.

These are just some of the Pro Tips shared on the radio station and by God’s grace, they will continue to encourage us with more. :)

Surprise encouragement from my officemate who dropped by my area. :P
Surprise encouragement from my officemate who dropped by my area. :P

Sometimes, our work can get toxic and discouraging. But, whenever we focus on who God is, thank Him for the blessing of work, and choose to be a blessing to others in the workplace, He changes the way we view our work. And as a result, it positively affects our behavior and our influence to the people around us.

Surprise gift from my seatmate at work! She (Iza) made this, by the way. :)
Surprise gift from my seatmate at work! She (Iza) made this, by the way. :)

“Work hard and cheerfully at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people. Remember that the Lord will give you an inheritance as your reward, and the Master you are serving is Christ.” -Colossians 3:23-24

Encouraging time with my officemate (Shermaine) after work. :)
Encouraging time at Hanako with my officemate (Shermaine) after work. :)

Looking forward to a great week ahead! Thank You, Lord, for the workplace. :)

Encourage yourself one treat at a time. :)

THURSDAY TUNE #20: Get Back Up

My sister (Camille) and I, along with our two dogs, got locked out of the house last night after going for a walk. It was crazy! Hahaha. But, it was also my fault. Before we left the house, I told our mom that I would bring the key with me. At that time, I thought she knew that I was referring to the gate’s key. However, after walking the dogs, we went back to the house and we found out that mom and I had a misunderstanding. By then, our parents had already left the house and locked both the main door and the gate.

“No way. No way!!” This was our initial reaction. Haha. Of course! We were locked out of the house; our other family members were still outside; we didn’t have our phones; we didn’t have money; we only had the key to the gate; and we (including our fluffy dogs) were very thirsty.

Copper & Clue
Copper & Clue

But, despite the trouble, God gave us peace and this encouraged us to find joy in Him while experiencing the crazy and funny situation. After a few minutes, we then resolved to walk to our uncle’s house (where our grandmother and niece live) which was almost a kilometer away from our place, with the two dogs.

I remember telling my sister how interesting the experience was. For some reason, I wanted to watch a movie that night, but God had better plans for me; for us. Because we got locked out of the house, we were able to experience these blessings last night:

  • Sibling bonding by walking in the village with our two dogs, Copper and Clue.
  • Enjoyed our stay at our uncle’s house with our Lola, niece (Marielle), and cousin (kuya OB), while waiting for our house keys.
  • Free dinner and dessert c/o Lola!
  • Brisk walking at night! (2 kilometers, baby! Plus, occasional weight lifting. Hahaha. Clue was pretty heavy.)
  • Enjoyed the awesome, cool weather.
  • Protection while walking around.
  • Privilege of trusting and hoping in God.

Thankfully, our lola had a duplicate set of house keys, so we borrowed hers and went home by 10 pm. Woohoo! And of course, because it was such a memorable evening, my sister and I documented it by taking photos of the door/gate’s lock and of ourselves with the furballs!


While I was taking photos of the gate’s lock, I noticed that the word “Faultless” was engraved on it. Somehow, God used it to encourage me because I remembered how it was my fault that my mom and I had a misunderstanding, which led to us being locked out of the house. But, instead of focusing on my past mistake and regretting about it, He encouraged me to learn from it, get back up again, and focus on His goodness and purpose for it.

“”My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength
of my heart and my portion forever.” [Psalm 73:26]

Before the day ends, I’d like to share this tune with you. It’s one of TobyMac’s songs called “Get Back Up”. I really get encouraged by this song, especially after experiencing failures/mistakes, because it reminds me of the hope that I have in Christ — the One who never fails.  :)

God bless you!

Encourage yourself one tune at a time! :)

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