Cafe Seolhwa: Bingsu Date with my Sister

My sisters and I have been roommates ever since I can remember. Whenever I’m with them, I can honestly say that I feel very much at home. I guess it’s because I’ve spent more than two decades making good and crazy memories with them, having pillow talks, playing imaginary drums on our bellies before going to bed, and sharing our clothes, shoes, accessories, and bags with each other. However, ever since we started working, we somehow slowly drifted apart. It was ironic because even though we saw each other every morning and evening, we didn’t have the same closeness and bond that we had before. But, by God’s grace, He still gives us opportunities to develop our relationships at home. One of the major highlights that I experienced recently was the 9-month bonding that my eldest sister (Camille) and I had since last August. Looking back, I realized that it was one of God’s opportunities for us to get to know each other’s hearts more.


It started when our company transferred to another city last Summer. My sister graciously offered to bring me closer to work and to wait for me everyday since her workplace was also in the same area. I was hesitant at first because I knew that it would be a hassle for her. Picking me up from work everyday meant that she would wait for 2 hours in the afternoon and patiently go through the heavy traffic during rush hour. I was also hesitant because I was used to having my alone time (which my introverted self sincerely enjoyed) to and from work since I was employed almost four years ago. However, because commuting to and from our new office would cost more (considering the time and effort), I agreed to our carpool arrangement.


This went on for months and even though we didn’t know how long we would be doing it, my sister continued to help me in this aspect. (Thank you, ate!) A few weeks ago, we had some changes in our transportation and schedule and we eventually decided to end our daily carpooling adventures. When it was finally sinking in that we weren’t going to work together and that she wouldn’t be waiting for me anymore, I suddenly had a separation anxiety. We had nine months of driving along C5, watching sunsets together, spotting stray cats and dogs on the streets, talking about the blessings and victories after a long day at work, ranting about stressful and discouraging situations, enjoying the sights of rainstorms and lightnings, taking turns in driving the car home, being silent when we weren’t in the mood to talk, sharing our hearts’ dreams and goals, treating ourselves to fastfood, and playing new songs in the car.


It was definitely a wonderful set of experiences that my heart will treasure forever. Even though I was hesitant at first, I saw God’s grace at work in our hearts and in my relationship with my older sister. During the past months, we not only had our ultimate bonding experience but she was also able to make good use of her daily waiting time by developing her skills and craft in calligraphy and painting. Also, because of our carpooling adventures, I was able to experience the wonders of walking around the city where our office is and discovering interesting finds like free Krispy Kreme donuts in the morning, new photography sights, and making friends with strangers (e.g. Sweepers, policemen, etc. in Bonifacio Global City) on my way to work. It was also a good cardio workout for me as I enjoyed a 30-minute walk to the office while listening to my favorite songs. Somehow, God still allowed me to have my alone time which filled my heart.


I know that sometimes we may not fully understand why God allows things to happen in our lives. But, through this experience, I am reminded and encouraged to trust in Him as I welcome changes. From the start, God knew that this would be good for my heart and I’m glad that He allowed my sister and I to share special moments together on the road.



To celebrate our 9-month adventure, I treated my sister to one of my favorite dessert places in town. This is one of the few and quite expensive treats that I sincerely want my family members to try. I fell in love with Café Seolhwa’s bingsu when I first tasted its soft and sweet shaved and milky ice that melts in the mouth. The flavors that I’ve tried so far are the Mango Cheese bingsu and the Berry Cheese bingsu. I wouldn’t mind ordering them again and again. The only branch I’ve tried so far is the one located inside Bonifacio Global City. I love the artworks inside the store, the Korean music playing in the background, and the awesome presentation of bingsu desserts. One regular size of bingsu costs around Php 240, but it is already good for sharing (2-3 persons). For more details, you can click on the link at the end of this post.



In the near future, I hope that I can bring the rest of my family there too. But, for this month, I had the privilege of enjoying both flavors with my eldest sister. Hooray! Sometimes, it still feels a bit weird not travelling home with my sister. But, I guess it’s time for me to move on (haha!) and welcome new changes in my life.

Maybe, it’s time for me to have new adventures with my other siblings as well. :)


To my eldest roomie at home, thank you for graciously, unconditionally, and patiently driving for me and waiting for me for the past nine months. Like what Justin Bieber said in one of his songs: “You know I love you. You know I care. Just shout whenever and I’ll be there!” HAHAHA. See ya later, alligator!







Five Things I Love About Jamba Juice

It was my first time to do a photowalk at Bonifacio High Street last Saturday with one of my colleagues, Zee. We only had an hour and a half in the morning because she had work that day, but that brief time was a fun and interesting experience for us. After the photowalk, she went to work and I decided to pass by a restaurant to buy a glass of iced tea because I was parched. But, while I was walking, I suddenly craved something healthier — like a fruit shake, and I remembered that Jamba Juice had a store in Bonifacio Global City. So, even though it was a couple of blocks away from where the car was parked, I took my time and walked to the store.

Jamba Juice Bonifacio Global City
Jamba Juice Bonifacio Global City

As soon as I entered the store, I was warmly greeted by two staff members who were preparing more than 20 cups of fruit shakes for some of their customers. After being exposed to the sun for hours that morning, walking into their store was definitely a refreshing moment for me. :)

Here are some of the things that I love about Jamba Juice:

1. Choice of Colors – The bright colored walls and wooden tables and chairs help in making the experience more fun! Even if you were just taking out a beverage or dining in with friends inside their store, you’ll certainly feel lighter and happier because of the pleasant colors.

Jamba Juice Bonifacio Global City
Jamba Juice Bonifacio Global City

2. Jamba Juice Baristas – Aside from being very welcoming and friendly as you enter and exit the store, they really seem to enjoy what they’re doing. I also love how the baristas confidently whip up the drinks in a few minutes. They even throw balls of crushed ice and frozen fruits in the air and catch them using the blender. Love it! If I try to do that at home, I would probably make a mess. Haha!

Jamba Juice Bonifacio Global City
Jamba Juice Bonifacio Global City
Jamba Juice Bonifacio Global City
Jamba Juice Bonifacio Global City

3. Healthy and Refreshing Drinks – Every now and then, we take in food and drinks that don’t really contribute to improving our health. But, Jamba Juice encourages a healthy lifestyle by offering their specialty: beverages made from fresh and pure ingredients, without high fructose corn syrup or artificial preservatives. I also appreciate how they make thick and creamy smoothies with free boosts (e.g. Vitamin C, Zinc, Energy, Protein, etc.).

Banana Berry Smoothie
Banana Berry Smoothie

4. A Place where Family and Friends can Hangout – Aside from having many comfortable tables, wall sofas, and chairs in and out of the store, Jamba Juice also encourages bonding between family and friends through their own free photobooth. I tried this twice since I started drinking Jamba Juice and this extra effort shows value to their customers. Personally, I love documenting events and moments in my life. So, having this special feature deserves two thumbs up!

Jamba Juice Bonifacio Global City
Jamba Juice Bonifacio Global City


5. Witty and Good Vibes – Inside the store, you’ll see different phrases written on the walls that somehow help spread good vibes. Phrases such as “Squeeze the day” or “Live fruitfully”.

Before going home that morning, I got myself a cup of my favorite Jamba Juice smoothie: Banana Berry (Apple-Strawberry Juice Blend + Frozen Bananas + Nonfat Frozen Yogurt + Blueberries + Ice + Raspberry Sherbet)! Yum!! You could just imagine how refreshed I felt after relaxing inside the store on a hot morning. Thank you, Jamba Juice, for the lovely experience. I’ll be back soon!

Jamba Juice Bonifacio Global City
Jamba Juice Bonifacio Global City

For more details on their menu and branches, you may check the ff. websites:

Jamba Juice Bonifacio Global City
Jamba Juice Bonifacio Global City


Encourage yourself one treat at a time!

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