Showing Love through Larcy’s Cupcakes

A few days ago, our parents informed us that they were having a double date with our former neighbors, Tito P. and Tita A. When we were still living in the same village, this couple graciously shared their food and gifts to our family. They even let us try their new products before releasing them in the market. What a privilege! Years later, we eventually moved to another village, but, we still get to experience God’s grace and goodness through them.


Larcy's Cupcakes
Larcy’s Cupcakes

When they invited our parents for a double date to celebrate dad’s birthday last week, I remember how my dad was so encouraged by their thoughtful gesture. One of our parents’ good, couple friends remembered his birthday and sincerely wanted to enjoy it with them. It was definitely encouraging! But, it didn’t end there. Surprisingly, when our parents came home from their double date that night, they also had a box of Larcy’s cupcakes with them. Tito P. and Tita A. also thought about us (children) and treated us with six, beautiful and delicious Larcy’s cupcakes!!!

Larcy's Cupcakes
Larcy’s Cupcakes

When I found out about it, my heart was so blessed. They even went the extra mile! It was so inspiring to see others share God’s blessings and goodness to the people around them. But, it also made me check my heart. Do I also have a sincere heart for others? Or am I stingy when it comes to sharing the resources that I have, time, or even words of encouragement?

Banana Cupcake
Banana Cupcake

Pastor Peter Tan-Chi once said: “Why are we still selfish sometimes? Maybe it’s because we forget how much our Father God loves us.”

Chocolate Salted Caramel Cupcake
Chocolate Salted Caramel Cupcake

By God’s grace, I hope that I can also sincerely share God’s goodness and love to others, just like our former neighbors. If you’re reading this, Tito P. and Tita A., thank you very much for your kind hearts! May God continue to bless you even more as you walk with Him and share Him to others. :)

“My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.” –John 15:12







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Encourage yourself one treat at a time. :)

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

As soon as I got out from work, I drove thru the nearest Starbucks on the way home. I was excited to finally get my free slice of birthday cake (thanks to the Starbucks card). One of the baristas informed me a few months ago that I could avail of the free slice only until two months after my birthday. Since I was born on the 16th of December and today is February 16, it was my last chance to get it.

While I was ordering, the barista who assisted me checked my card and confirmed that I could get the free slice of cake as long as I order a drink. So, I ordered a slice of Banana Chocolate cake and a tall, Java Chip frappuccino. He handed me a brown paper bag with the slice of cake and my favorite Starbucks drink. While I was paying for my drink, the barista swiped my Starbucks card again, but after swiping it a couple of times, the machine kept on prompting an error about the validity of the free cake.

After talking to his manager, he found out that I was already one day late. We both found out that Starbucks card holders could avail of the free slice of birthday cake only until the day before the two-month period ends. I was a day late and devastated. I quickly prayed and asked God if He could make a way to allow me to still get the free slice of cake. But after confirming it with the manager, the barista unfortunately and politely declined the request. I returned the paper bag with the slice of cake to the barista and kept my drink, since I already paid for it.


I drove home feeling sad because I spent Php 160 for a drink that I didn’t really want to have tonight and I was tempted to feel irritated towards the barista because he assured me that I could still get the free cake before I ordered the drink. But while I was minutes away from our house, God reminded me of the huge difference it makes when I choose to delay action steps in my life. I was one day late and I couldn’t bring back time anymore. I missed out on an awesome privilege of enjoying a free slice of cake.

This was just a simple act of getting cake and it was quite depressing. But, I realized that there are far more important things in life that I sometimes unintentionally delay or ignore too. Like, being more appreciative or spending more time with the family or sharing Jesus to my friends. I really don’t want to experience being a day late when it comes to these things. It was a gentle reminder for me to be a good steward of the time and resources that God has blessed me with, while I still can.

I then looked at my Java Chip Frappuccino and asked God to take away any negative feeling and thought that I had towards my experience at the drive-thru. God allowed it to happen and He encouraged me to use that moment to honor Him instead. “Why don’t you give your drink to one of the guards in the village? Oh, and tell him that I love him too.”


I felt like God was sitting beside me in the car because his instruction and voice were so clear. So, I immediately got my pen and wrote on my notebook. As soon as I saw one of the guards our family knew in the village, I stopped the car, said hi, and gave him the drink and note. He gave me a big smile and thanked me. Sometimes, God allows us to go through difficult, irritating, or regretful situations. But, whenever I am faced with these, by God’s grace, He always encourages me to focus on His character. He can use sad situations for the good. He can work and change a person’s heart. We just have to trust in Him and obey when we hear His voice.


Encourage yourself one treat at a time. :)

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