Same Hair, New Me

The longest hair length I’ve had since 2017.

If you know me, you’d agree when I say that I am very particular with how my hair is cut, especially my bangs. This is because I preferred hiding my forehead and ears using my hair. I just didn’t like these features of mine! Whenever I went out and I needed to wear a ponytail for sports and gym or encounter strong winds blow against my hair, I would get very conscious about how I look.

Three years ago, I discovered the hairstylist who could perfectly maintain it for me. Since then, I’ve had my hair trimmed every 3 months ONLY BY HIM. (Miss you, Bruno!)

But this Quarantine, I couldn’t have my hair trimmed anymore and I can’t trust myself or others to cut it for me yet.😨 Also, because the weather in Manila has been extremely hot recently, I didn’t have a choice but to put my hair up and even use this headband to keep my bangs away from my face. At first, I remember feeling so conscious whenever I would attend Zoom meetings looking like this. But as the weeks passed by, I’ve learned to appreciate and be grateful for what I already have — A lovely forehead and two ears that help me hear. Haha!

But seriously, by God’s grace, this big thing that I used to care about and invest in didn’t seem so important this time around — especially when I see how fleeting life is. So, tadaaa! This is the real me… posting as a way for me to help break the cycle of insecurities in my life.🥳 Baby steps, Nic. Baby steps.

(Photos taken yesterday, one hour apart)

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My name is Nicole Obligacion and I started this blog because I was inspired by Hebrews 10:24 and Hebrews 3:13. I love to eat, cook, bake, read the Bible, and encourage. :)

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