My 60-Year Old Dad

My dad is known as Kuya, Doc, or Pastor Glenn
He’s a teacher, a singer, and a son of a comedian
He’s a darl, tito, ninong, lolo, and bro
But enough about what you already know.

My dad exposed us siblings to sports and music
He showed us how to sing and play guitar that is acoustic
He used a plywood table when he taught us pingpong
He let us listen to standards and Disney sing-alongs

My dad influenced us to love animals too
Growing up, it felt like we had our own mini zoo
From having cats, birds, plenty of fish, and dogs
To raising turtles, hamsters, chickens, and a duck

My dad taught me what it means to be content
Especially during a meal time when we only had rice, tomato, and egg
He said “Wow, Nicolas! What a special breakfast!
We have rice, tomato, and a ‘chicken’ in front of us!”

My dad did not hesitate to discipline us back then
He spanked and grounded us when we disobeyed them
Even as we grew older, he took time to rebuke
To help us please God; to help us follow His truths.

My dad provided for us ever since we were young.
I don’t remember a time when we had none.
Even as adults, he still graciously gives
A roof over our heads and even emergency needs.

My dad has been faithful not only in His walk
But also in the way He shares Jesus in His talks
In his life, he acknowledges the presence of God
Through 143s and even the past fire, robbery, and flood.

My dad is so much more than what was shared in this poem
And it’s only by God’s grace that he is able to show ‘em
Happy, happy birthday to this earthly father of mine
You don’t look like 60…

…you only look 59.

Hahahahaha! Love you, Dad!

25 Things About My Mom

It’s official. Both my parents are now 55 years old. My, how time flies. Exactly five months ago, I shared 25 things about Dad HERE, and now, I’ll be sharing 25 things about Mom too.

To my dearest Mom, thank you and happy birthday! :)


25 Things About my Mom

1. She loves wearing monochromatic clothes with matching bag and shoes. Hehehe.


2. She has a sweet tooth. Just this morning, she preferred eating bread with butter and hot cocoa than bread with lettuce, tomato, and sausage. She kept on saying how delicious and good the chocolate was!


3. 24/7 Dermatologist – well, only to her family. Haha. The best thing about having a derma mom is we could have free facials anytime. Before we go to work, in the middle of the night, while we’re on vacation… you name it!


4. When Dad and Mom got married, Mom attended simple baking and cooking classes so she could learn more and improve her skills in the kitchen. Now, she makes delicious meals for the family!


5. She is the #1 person that I send text messages to. Hahaha. Mom’s very reliable and updated when it comes to family concerns and schedules. Also, she takes time to hear me out when I share updates/stories via SMS.


6. She is very neat and organized. She always makes sure to tidy things up in the kitchen, clinic, and rooms. She makes her bed every morning! Something that I don’t always do 365 times in a year.

7. Her smiley face vs. my smiley face. Hahaha.


8. Since her last birthday (2014), she has been literally walking with the Lord around the village every morning. She spends time listening to God, praying to him, listening to Christian songs while walking.

9. She’s my flower/vegetable/herb plant buddy.

From her Tarragon plant.

10. Mom gets teary-eyed easily (Just like my older sister, Michelle :P). Usually, this happens whenever she watches movies with dramatic scenes, listens to the messages at Church on Sundays, listens to inspiring testimonies, or sees another person crying.


11. She falls asleep quickly. Sometimes, in the middle of the movie. Sometimes, while we’re eating dinner. Haha. But, of course, even Supermoms need to rest. :)

Because I don't have a photo of mom sleeping. And even if I did, she might not allow me to post it here. hahaha!
Because I don’t have a photo of mom sleeping. And even if I did, she might not allow me to post it here. hahaha!

12. She spends money wisely. She doesn’t splurge on shopping, gadgets, etc. and she definitely isn’t an impulsive buyer.

13. She graciously helped me finish my crochet and cross-stitch projects when I was still in the 3rd grade. I will never forget how difficult it was for me and how amazing Mom was in assisting me. :)

14. She is the peacemaker in the house. Whenever we have conflicts with the other members of the family, she encourages us to resolve them immediately and sincerely.


15. She has an intimate relationship with God and regularly spends time with his Word. Also, she naturally shares Jesus to the people around her.

16. She finds her security in Christ. I remember one time when my dad and mom went to Tagaytay for an event; my mom sent us a text message saying that she left her make-up kit at home. But instead of focusing on the downside of the situation, she spoke to God about it and she decided to find her security and beauty in Christ alone, and not depend on her make-up.


17. She is an encourager! When I was struggling with my accounting subjects in college, mom would always send text messages to me to encourage me. Until now, I still have some of her messages in my phone.


18. One of the best examples of a submissive wife with a gentle and quiet spirit. She always chooses to honor God by honoring her husband, even in the midst of disagreements and problems.


19. For the past couple of years, she has been preparing healthy meals for the family. She avoids cooking processed food and she doesn’t use MSG and high-fructose corn syrup anymore.


20. Mom was interviewed by Karen Young and featured in her blog HERE, where she shared about God’s faithfulness to our family when we experienced the fire last 2004.


21. She sincerely loves her family (husband, children, siblings, parents). It is a blessing to see her spend time listening to her mom and mother-in-law on the phone whenever they need someone to talk to. She also takes time to pray for us. :)


22. She does her own hair and make-up whenever she goes to events/weddings.


23. When asked to do a wacky face, she always pouts. Hahaha.

24. She enjoys watching romantic comedies and action movies. But, I think she enjoys the action movies more.

25. By God’s grace, she is the best faithful helpmate to dad! Always willing to encourage, support, and rebuke when needed. Oh, and she’s a pastor’s wife too!

Photo c/o Jim Welchel

Love you, Mom!

“Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her: Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all. Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised.” -Proverbs 31:28-30

25 Things About My Dad

Dear Dad,

Today is the day! Happy 25th! I mean, 55th birthday! HAHA. I hope you’re enjoying your special day despite the rainy weather. I thank God because we get to have an extended rest time at home with you today. I pray that God would bless your heart even more as you walk closely with Him each day! We love you! :)

“Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” [Joshua 1:9]

Oh, and because 55 is quite a special number, I wanted to document 55 facts about you! But, I guess for now, 25 na lang muna. Hahaha.

Here goes!

25 Things About My Dad

1. Dad is an Ophthalmologist, an EENT (Eyes-Ears-Nose-Throat) doctor, a Pastor, and a Christ-committed follower.

Dad's free mug from Discovery Hotel, Ortigas.
Dad’s free mug from Discovery Hotel, Ortigas.
Dad - second row from the bottom, third guy from the left side.
Dad – second row from the bottom, third guy from the left side.

2. Some of his favorite food are kimchi, durian, buko sorbet/macapuno ice cream, potato salad, and sansrival cake.

3. He was part of Kundirana (High school music group) when he was still studying in La Salle.

He's the one wearing the white outfit in the middle.
He’s the one wearing the white outfit in the middle.

4. When we call his name at home, he usually responds with a high-pitched voice saying “yeah?” and then clears his throat and says “yeah?” using his normal, low voice. Haha

5. Dad and Mom have a special whistle. They whistle whenever they call each other from afar.

5 - Copy

6. Dad loves music. While we were growing up, He let us listen to songs sung by Frank Sinatra, Natalie Cole, Don Moen, Papuri, Windsong, and a lot more bands, artists, and musicals. He also taught my older sister (Michelle) how to play the guitar and sometime later, my sister taught me how to play the guitar. Yay! Haha.

7. Dad lost 25 pounds (I think) two years ago and he is still able to maintain his weight.

7 - Copy

8. He always likes to tell corny jokes. -__- Okay, sometimes, they’re funny. Haha.

My dad's conversation with my sister, Michelle, via SMS.
My dad’s conversation with my sister, Michelle, via SMS.

9. When I was in the second or third grade, I drew a parrot and he posted the drawing in his private clinic. Love it. It looked something like this. Hahaha. Thanks, Dad!

I drew this just now using Paint. hahaha.
I drew this just now using Paint. hahaha.

10. Dad’s a good sport. Sometimes, he lets the dogs stay on their bed and he lets us take photos of him wearing silly hats and Krispy Kreme donut masks.

10 - Copy

11. He loves animals. No wonder we love them too!

Dad and our pomeranian, Copper.
Dad and our pomeranian, Copper.

12. He encourages us to sing as a family during Christmas, even if we usually don’t feel like doing so. Dududu. HAHA. Peace, Dad!

13. Whenever we would eat fish and have fish bones stuck in our throats, he’d gladly take them out using his special scissor/tweezer-like tools. Yay for our throat doctor!

14. He initiates bible studies at home and conversations over dinner.

15. He sincerely loves his parents and my mom’s parents. And of course, the rest of both families.

15.1 - Copy

15 - Copy

16. Dad taught us how to do the L.A. walk.

17. Sometimes, he randomly makes animal sounds/sounds you here in the jungle when we’re at home. (e.g. eerie sounds; sounds of exotic birds, vultures, etc.)

18. He gives random words of wisdom.


19. When our house was burning down last 2004, he instructed us all to go out of the house while he stayed a bit and tried to extinguish the fire using buckets of water. But because the fire was quickly spreading, he decided to leave and get the car out of the garage too, just before the roof fell on the floor. Hooray for our brave Daddy-O! #grace

19 - Copy

20. He personally taught me how to save money and be content with what I have. I wrote more about these values HERE.

21. His favorite duet song with his brother is “The Way You Look Tonight”. They sing this song every time we have a family event.

22. Dad is always to the rescue! (e.g. when the car breaks down, when we suddenly need a ride home from a party, when our house in Cainta got flooded during Ondoy, etc.)

Car 101! Photo c/o my sister, Michelle.
Car 101! Photo c/o my sister, Michelle.

23. He loves spending time with Jesus and sharing Him to the people around him.


24. When he plays with our two dogs, he sometimes says “Moo” to them with a deep voice. Because he actually sounds like a cow when he does this, our dogs usually tilt their heads and end up getting confused.


25. He gave us (kids) unique nicknames:

Camille – Camiling

Glenn Michael – Miguelito

Michelle – Mishow

Nicole – Nicholas

Gabriel – Gambrelli.

Haha. He calls mom “Darl”, which is short for Darling. And we, kids, refer to him as The Polar Bear.

Photo c/o my sister, Michelle.

Encourage yourself one treat at a time. :)

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