Thank God It’s Today!

Before I hit the sack, I just wanted to share with you guys how awesome God is. Throughout the day, I was able to experience his faithfulness and grace in numerous ways and was reminded of how perfect His timing always is.

I took the day off from work today because I was scheduled for an interview at the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) and I needed to have my passport renewed. In spite of my itchy throat, cough and colds, God still allowed me to enjoy His presence today.


Here are some of the blessings that I encountered today. :)


I woke up this morning and saw that it was raining quite softly. It was a blessing because I was comfortably lying on my bed and enjoying the sound and scent of the rain. By God’s grace, I had more time to rest in the morning since I was on leave today. Thank You for the rainy morning.


My eldest sister, younger brother, and I went to the police station this morning to get our “Police Clearance”. It was one of the documents that we needed for our interview at DFA. Dad drove us to the station, waited for us, and drove us back home. By God’s grace, we didn’t have any criminal records and we were cleared in less than 30 minutes.  Woohoo! Thank You for Your protection.

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When I got to the office of the DFA, I was able to go through the process in less than an hour in an air-conditioned room with the help of efficient government staff. By God’s grace, He allowed me to get my requirements easily, to pay for my fees using money from my salary, and to have my passport renewed without any problems. Thank You for Your provision, Lord.


I was also able to watch Monsters University with my sister, Camille, after my interview at the DFA. I couldn’t watch the movie last weekend because my schedule was full. But by God’s grace, He gave me the time to enjoy the film today. I found out, later on, that its last day in the cinemas will be tomorrow (afternoon only). So, it really was a blessing to experience it today. Thank You for Monsters… University. :)




I learned two nights ago that Krispy Kreme was going to have a promo today, from 7am to 6pm! P76.00 for 6 donuts. By God’s grace, the promo was happening on the same day of my leave from work, so I was able to avail it. If the rumors are true and the promo happens again on the succeeding Mondays this month, I still won’t be able to avail it next time since I’ll be at the office when it happens. Talk about perfect timing! Thank You Lord for Krispy Kreme treats.



On our way to the parking, my sister and I passed by a branch of McDonalds and saw that they were selling new ice cream flavors. We decided to buy one butterscotch dipped sundae cone and one buko pandan dipped sundae cone. While waiting for our ice cream, I asked the person at the cashier when the last day of the new flavors was. And surprisingly, she said “Ma’am, last day na po today.” Wow! Once again, by God’s grace, He allowed us to enjoy that simple treat on its last day. Thank You Lord for the privilege of tasting special flavors. :)


Butterscotch Ice Cream
Butterscotch Ice Cream

All of these moments with God reminded me of how real, gracious, thoughtful, and sovereign He is in our lives. Whether we receive little/big blessings from Him or go through uncertainties and difficult situations, we know that He remains to be the same faithful God.

Psalm 33:4 says “For the word of the LORD is right and true; He is faithful in all He does.”

I am reminded that there will never be another July 15, 2013 again. Thank you, Lord, for encouraging me to acknowledge your presence today. It still amazes me… how You make each day a new opportunity for me to experience You. I look forward to experiencing You more this week. :)


Encourage yourself one treat at a time!

Jehovah Jireh, My Provider

Today, I celebrated my first year at work with a homemade Strawberry-Banana-Honey-Almond smoothie topped with sliced berries and whipped cream! Woohoo! Jesus, You are so good. Thank you for your provision. :)

DSC03452 copy

DSC03456 copy


DSC03459 copy

I remember blogging before about my job hunting days and lessons learned from work, and it’s really encouraging to look back and be reminded of God’s grace, sovereignty, and faithfulness. I’ll be sharing some snippets from my blogs last year and I hope that these would encourage you as well.

 “But as for me, I will hope continually, and will praise You yet more and more.” – Psalm 71:14


1. Hooray for “Two Days”! :) [Day 1]

from my journal
from my journal

“And so, I went out of McDonald’s and walked towards the office, even if I didn’t know why God wanted me to leave the place so early. Guess what? The minute I stepped inside the office, heavy rain poured down… (Yes, the minute I got in!). If I did not obey, I would have been soaked by the heavy rain and would obviously not be prepared for my afternoon interview. A week after that day, by God’s grace, I got the job at that company! He used that McDonald’s moment to remind me of the importance of having a heart that is fully surrendered to Him; to have a heart that is willing to trust and obey Him in spite of the uncertainties in life.”


2. Celebrating with Strawberry Cake


June 8, 2012


Thanks for today! I have an interview later. I’m kind of nervous but, Lord, I will get out of my bed, I will step out in faith and do my best later because I believe if it’s your will for me, you would provide this job for me. You are in control. I read Psalm 49 this morning. Thank you for reminding me not to place my security on earthly things. You’re everything, Lord. You know I will praise You no matter what happens today. :)


WOW, LORD. I GOT THE JOB. WOW. WOOOOOOW. o_O Thank you!!! :”)

“…strawberries that have been harvested do not ripen. This means that it is important to wait for the strawberries to fully ripen before picking them. That simple trivia reminded me of how God let me go through the long wait before picking me and placing me in the workplace that I am in right now. I guess He wanted me to be “ripe” first. He wanted me to focus more on Him and have my character molded by Him before giving me the privilege of having work.”


3. THURSDAY TUNE #8: Center of It by Chris August


““Today is not my day.” I’ve heard myself murmur this statement a lot of times a while ago because I made mistakes at work. But, I realized that there really was something wrong with that statement because it’s really not about ME. Right then and there, I thanked God and confessed about how I chose not to trust in Him in those simple moments. I thanked Him even for the mistakes that I’ve made because I know that He can still use those to help me grow as an employee and be excellent for Him.”

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.”-Proverbs 3:5-6

Thank You, Lord, for the privilege of work. This is only by Your grace!

Encourage yourself one treat at a time. :)

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