strawberry cake

Celebrating with Strawberry Cake

Last Wednesday, I was thinking of baking Strawberry cake with strawberry cream cheese frosting for today’s blog entry. I wanted to bake a cake because it was my way of celebrating God’s goodness in my life. After eight months, He has answered one of my major prayer requests and I am very, very grateful! By God’s grace, today marks my first day at work! Woohoo!

strawberry cake
strawberry cake

After purchasing the ingredients last Wednesday, my mom and sister suggested that I bake on Thursday instead because it was already getting late. At first, I was hesitant because I wanted to bake already, however, I eventually agreed.

After a few minutes, I realized that I didn’t have parchment paper at home! I knew that I couldn’t bake the cake without it because the batter would just stick to the pan after baking and it would just end up in a mess. I was actually tempted to use wax paper; but, I knew that it would not stand the heat of the oven. It was obvious that in order for me to produce the best cake possible, I had to wait until the next day to buy parchment paper.

“Okay, Lord, I will wait.” I whispered before going to bed.

The next day, I immediately made phone calls and asked if certain stores were selling that type of paper. There was a time when I was already losing hope because it seemed like I was never going to get it. I told God something like this: “Lord, I really want to bake this cake today. I know that if it’s your will, you would provide the parchment paper. But, I thank you still, because I even have this opportunity to bake. Thank you, in advance, because I know that you will provide and make this a beautiful cake.”

I tried making a few more calls after praying and finally, I was able to find parchment paper in one of the nearby stores! Woohoo!

While I was already baking the cake, I was thanking God for being so awesome that day. Then, I realized that he actually allowed me to go through the “parchment paper hunting” experience to remind me of how the past eight months have been for me (and my job hunting). Talk about perfect timing!

strawberry cake batter
strawberry cake batter

I want to share snippets from my journal (conversations with God) about my job hunting experience, so you can understand my situation more. :P

November 8, 2011 12:04pm

…I’m feeling a bit sad because I still don’t have work… But, I thank you because even if I don’t see how things will work out, I still believe in your faithfulness…

strawberry puree
strawberry puree

December 8, 2011 4:00pm

…Sometimes, I’m still tempted to sulk and to compare myself to others. Some of my friends already have work and I wonder why I still don’t have a job. *sigh* But, you continue to remind me to trust in You and I do trust in you. Thank you for speaking to me again through your word and reminding me that I have hope in you. I just pray that I would continue to have the desire to love you more than anything/anyone else…

January 8, 2012

Pastor Peter asked us: “If you had one request to ask from God, what would it be?” Of course, I remembered my prayer request to have a job. However, you reminded me that that one request actually shows what is most important in my life. And Lord, more than asking for a job, I want to request that I may be more intimate with You in this waiting period. You are more important than my future job…

February 8, 2012 10:53am

…No work yet. But, by Your grace, I can say that I am actively waiting for the best first job you have for me. Thank you also for reminding me of your promises in the Bible and helping me dwell on your different characteristics…

March 8, 2012 10:15 am

I want to work… But, even if you don’t answer my prayer immediately, I still choose to thank you, Lord. I trust you so much. You are in control.

One of the things that I learned from 2 Samuel 2 today is to always seek your opinion first before making decisions. For the past months, I’ve had the opportunities to be interviewed by different companies, but somehow, you still haven’t given me the blessing. Please continue to give me wisdom…

April 8, 2012

(Our family was touring Singapore and sadly, I wasn’t able to write in my journal and read the Bible that day. Although I had some prayer time with God, I still missed the privilege of learning from his word. Looking back, I realized that God never changes. Even if I sometimes am unfaithful in my walk with Him, He still is faithful. He still loves me the same. What an amazing Father! :) )

May 8, 2012

There are times when I still feel pressured by the people around me, especially when they say something like this: “What? Wala ka pang work? Ang tagal mo nang naghahanap ah.” I just laugh when I remember those moments, but, of course, it still stings a bit when I think about it. *Sigh* But, I thank you because you continue to encourage me to continue doing my best in job hunting and to trust in You, my Hope. :)

strawberry cake
strawberry cake


I read this in my quiet time “Psalm 21:2 You have given him his heart’s desire” and it reminded me of how you answer prayers. Sometimes, I’m still tempted not to believe it. But, Lord, you are God and I am not. You can do anything.

June 8, 2012


Thanks for today! I have an interview later. I’m kind of nervous but, Lord, I will get out of my bed, I will step out in faith and do my best later because I believe if it’s your will for me, you would provide this job for me. You are in control. I read psalm 49 this morning. Thank you for reminding me not to place my security on earthly things. You’re everything, Lord. You know I will praise You no matter what happens today. :)


WOW, LORD. I GOT THE JOB. WOW. WOOOOOOW. o_O Thank you!!! :”)

strawberry cake
strawberry cake

YESSSSSSS!!! After 8 months, more than 60 applications sent, a number of unsuccessful interviews/job applications, a rollercoaster ride (emotionally and spiritually), consultations with God and people around me, etc… God has answered my prayer request to have a job! :) Woohoooooo! :D :) :D :)

strawberry cake
strawberry cake


1. God is God – He is sovereign. He knows what He is doing. He knows what’s best for me.

2. God’s timing is always perfect – Even if I got the job eight months after my graduation, I can clearly see the reasons why He allowed it to happen; that this is His best for me; and that this is where he wants me to be now.

3. God understands – Throughout the past eight months, He has comforted me in so many ways and He has reassured me of His love for me, especially when I was at my lowest moments.

4. God is faithful – in spite of my unfaithfulness sometimes.

5. God answers prayers – He gave me the desires of my heart: to be more intimate with Him and to have a job. Interestingly, He gave the job to me when my heart was fully surrendered to Him. Only by His grace!

After baking the strawberry cake, I got so amused that I started doing research about strawberries more! According to, strawberries that have been harvested do not ripen. This means that it is important to wait for the strawberries to fully ripen before picking them.

That simple trivia reminded me of how God let me go through the long wait before picking me and placing me in the workplace that I am in right now. I guess He wanted me to be “ripe” first. He wanted me to focus more on Him and have my character molded by Him before giving me the privilege of having work.

Thank You, Lord! You are forever amazing… and I want everyone to know that! :D

Encourage yourself one treat at a time! :)

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15 thoughts on “Celebrating with Strawberry Cake”

  1. I love this blogpost! Indeed, God is the Lord of Perfect Timings! I hope my new blog can be as encouraging as yours! God bless you always nickay!

    1. Hi Pam!! You’re so sweet! Thanks. God bless your new blog too!! :D and your businesses!

  2. Wow! Isn’t it great? He is blessing you Nix! Congratulations, you are now employed! <3 God luck in your career.

  3. Wow! Isn’t it great? He is blessing you Nix! Congratulations, you are now employed! <3 Good luck in your career.

  4. Nicole! This looks so amazing! I’m still waiting for the day you bring the FNL team more goods like this! haha! You are such a talented girl! Praise God that I know you. :p Hahaha! Hakaw date soon! :D

    1. HAHAHA! I hope I can bring some soon nga! :D Praise God! Thank you for being so encouraging, fellow hakaw lover! :P See you soon!

  5. LOVE IT KIX! Love all the learnings during waiting period. Reminded me of mine too! ;) I’m also glad you’re happy and excited about your new job. ;) Super bagay sayo!!! WEE!

  6. I love this entry :) btw, when did you graduate? I graduated last October 2011.. and i’m still looking for a job :(

    1. sabay tayo naggrad. Hehe. :) I applied and waited for eight months. Keep on job hunting lang. :) At the right time, darating din yan.

      1. yeah un na nga lang iniisip ko. na if it’s for me, it’s for me talaga. and trust ko si god.. nakakarelate ako kasi sinasabi din ng tao sakin ang tagal ko na grad pero wala pa din ako work. it’s nice lang na to see someone na medyo kasame mo ng experience :)

  7. Thank you for posting this! It is truly encouraging that I am not alone and someone experienced this “waiting” and “testing” period too from God. There will be times that I’m so hopeless but God is truly faithful and understanding. He encourages me countless times to wait for His blessings.

    8 months. Wow. I’ve been “unemployed” for 3 months already and it’s really testing me and my faith but seeing that you made it through because of your intimacy with God, I dont have the right to complain to God. Thank youuuu so much for this! <3

    1. Hi Suzy! :)

      Thanks for dropping by and for encouraging me with what you just shared. I am excited for you because I know that God will continue to do great things in your life as you wait on Him. I’ve said this before and I will say it again: God is so much worth the wait! He is more than enough for us.

      If I may also add, it was during my “unemployed months” that God allowed me to grow in my walk with Him even more. It was also during this time that God gave me the inspiration to start this blog and use it to encourage others to know Him more. :) More than a year ago, I never thought that I would blog, but, God in His perfect timing, allowed this to happen… not for my good, but for His glory. :)

      Oh, and by His grace, it has been 1 year and 2 months since I started working. Ang galing talaga ni God!

      I pray that you would continue to hold on to God and enjoy Him as you wait. I pray that He will bless you with the job/career that He thinks is best for you. Thanks again, for the encouragement!

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