Sip and Gogh: Family Date Night

Yesterday was my last work day for the week! Woohoo! Usually, before a long weekend, I would stay an extra hour in the office to finish a few more tasks that are important but not that urgent. However, last night, I left the office as soon as I could because I didn’t want to be late for our family date night at Sip and Gogh.

Sip and Gogh
Sip and Gogh

I’ve heard about Sip and Gogh from my friends before and it seemed like an interesting activity. But since I wasn’t artistically-inclined and I didn’t know how to paint, trying it out never really crossed my mind. But, thanks to my artsy, eldest sister (Camille), a few days ago, she encouraged our family to bond at Sip and Gogh. After a wonderful time last night, I would have to say that it was definitely one of the funniest and coolest experiences we’ve had as a family. Hahaha. Thanks, ate!

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Here are some of the reasons why I enjoyed our family date night at Sip and Gogh:

1. Painting skills weren’t required. The Sip and Gogh artists helped us out in sketching the photo, gave tips on how to stroke the brush, and helped us choose the right colors.

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2. There were numerous options of paintings to choose from.

Sip and Gogh
Sip and Gogh

3. In their Open Sessions, you can even bring your own photo and the Sip and Gogh artists will help you paint it.

Sip and Gogh
Sip and Gogh

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4. They served refreshing drinks (e.g. wine or juice) and appetizers (e.g. cheese, cold cuts, and grapes) while you’re painting.

Sip and Gogh
Sip and Gogh

5. The ambiance of the place and the music playing in the background were relaxing and perfect for the experience.

Sip and Gogh
Sip and Gogh

6. The Sip and Gogh staff were very friendly, approachable, and encouraging.

Sip and Gogh
Sip and Gogh
Sip and Gogh
Sip and Gogh

7. They captured photos of the participants and their artworks and they immediately posted them on their Facebook page. Bravo! Love it!

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8. And of course, we got to bring our babies (finished artworks) home.

Sip and Gogh
Sip and Gogh
Sip and Gogh
Sip and Gogh

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When we got home, our family still couldn’t believe that we were able to paint our own artworks! Haha. We shared about the funny and interesting moments we experienced while we were painting. One of the common ones we had was the moment when we trusted the Sip and Gogh artists as they guided and helped us paint.

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While I was painting a photo of our Pomeranian (Copper), Jade (our Sip and Gogh instructor) suggested that I dip my paint brush on the orange blob of paint and create strokes on Copper’s fur. At first, I was hesitant because Copper’s fur didn’t have a bright orange color, he had a dark, golden brown one. But, by God’s grace, I trusted her and did my best to create the orange strokes (alone with the white and brown ones) and the result was pretty cool. It looked like Copper! Hooray!! My siblings and parents also shared about their own similar experiences in trusting the Sip and Gogh artists and their paintings were beautifully done as well!

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Sip and Gogh
Sip and Gogh

Even though I don’t paint, I had a better appreciation of paintings and arts after our time at Sip and Gogh last night. It was inspiring to see the Sip and Gogh artists have the natural skills and passion for arts! When I first looked at my blank, white canvass, I couldn’t really see or understand the possibility of painting a photo of Copper. I just imagined that there would be a huge, golden brown, abstract figure. But, with just one look, the Sip and Gogh artists confidently sketched our photos and encouraged us along the way.

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Even if we didn’t know what we were doing, the artists knew exactly what we needed to do and they knew how to help us finish the artworks well. It reminded me of our relationship with God. Sometimes, we may not always understand how and why things happen in our lives, but when we put our trust in the One who sees the bigger picture, we experience peace because we know that He is able to create good and beautiful things (even) out of our messy strokes.

Isaiah 26:3-4 says, “You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you.”

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Thank you, Sip and Gogh, for the inspiring experience. Thank you, family, for our date night and my sister, for your initiative and generosity. And as always, thank You, Lord, for encouraging moments with You.

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c/o Sip and Gogh
c/o Sip and Gogh
c/o Sip and Gogh
c/o Sip and Gogh


Encourage yourself one treat at a time. :)



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