12 Highlights of My 30th (Part 1)

In my previous entry, I shared more about what went on my mind a few days before my birthday, and how the Lord spoke to me. In this post, I will be sharing the first six highlights of my 30th birthday, that showed how personal, gracious, and loving God is. I pray that as you read through it, you will be encouraged to get to know Jesus more and His love, truths, and promises for you. :)






One of my dearest friends surprised me with a Grab delivery of Starbucks a day before my birthday! She knows how much I love it. She was also my coffee buddy back in the office, for many years. What made this more special? Her thoughtfulness and effort as she is currently living in Japan, many miles away from me!♥️  Thank you, twin!




My cousins from L.A. surprised us with our favorite milk tea drinks!! Huhuhu. They didn’t know that a week ago, I was already planning on treating my family with milk tea on my birthday. Thank you again, Kuya Macky and Ate Nikki!




I wanted homecooked shrimps, tacos, pesto pasta, and Hassan’s meat pizza for my birthday dinner. But, I decided not to order from Hassan anymore, so I can save money. Without me telling anyone, my cousins and inaanak sent me a box of meat pizza from Hassan that afternoon!!! Of all the items on the menu. Grabe si God! Thank you, Kuya OB, Ate Leah, and Tristan.




I didn’t tell anyone that I was hoping to have a Tropical vibe for my birthday. I also didn’t know that my older sister had already ordered the supplies and balloons way before my birthday! So, I was surprised to see the fancy decor at home! Moreover, my gorgeous birthday cake had a sunset & beach theme. HOW PERFECT for someone who’s a sucker for sunsets and beaches. #amazingGod

Decor (Party Station Phils.) and Cake (Sweet Creations by Mums)




Both my sisters (in the PH and in Hawaii) organized this intimate Zoom party which included a funny game (Pera o Bayong), honoring part, gift giving, and a closing prayer led by dad! My immediate family celebrated with me online! THE EFFORT WAS INTENSE. They blocked off their time for me too! :( I can’t even describe how much I felt loved through this. Thank you, family!




Ever since I discovered this sticker from a Christian store that says “Not of This World”, I’ve had a radical change in perspective of my life here on earth. This isn’t my home forever. We were made for eternity with God in Heaven. So, anytime I feel discouraged, I remember the security we have in Jesus! I even bring the sticker everywhere with me and take random photos with it as a reminder for me!

AGAIN, I didn’t know that the Lord had impressed on my older sister’s heart to make a t-shirt with that logo!! She even contacted the artist and paid for royalties for a one-time print! Now, I’m literally the only person in the world who legally has this kind of t-shirt. HUHU. What a personal God!


My heart was already overflowing with love and grace from God! But, guess what? There are six more highlights of how personal He was this week! Such grace!

I shared more about the next six HERE. :)


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