How to Harvest Basil Seeds

A few days ago, I tried propagating our dying Basil plant to help produce more seedlings. One of the three cuttings had dried Basil flowers on top which was great because they contained seeds. Ever since we started growing Basil at home, we have always used seedlings bought from gardening shops. However, this time, I wanted to try growing them from seeds.

If you have Basil plants at home, you can try these three simple steps too! :)


1. Wait for the plant’s flowers to dry up and turn brown. This is the best time to harvest the seeds.

2. From the main plant, cut the stem of the dried flowers and then, carefully remove each bud.

3. Using your fingers, gently crush the dried flowers until the black seeds fall out.

Once you have the seeds, you can already plant them in your potting soil where the seedling will grow. Or you can also store them in a sealed plastic bag or glass container kept in a dark room, for future use.

I look forward to seeing these new Basil seeds grow into healthy and fruitful plants in the coming months. Let me know if you’re growing these too!


You can also check the video below on how to harvest the seeds. Enjoy! Happy gardening!

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