Experiencing Truth

This morning, while I was researching about an organic insecticide, I read contradicting tips and conclusions across many articles online. After reading and watching a few more materials, I sighed, and said “I wish there was a bible for gardening. I just want to know and apply the REAL truth!”🙈

This made me think about how I’ve been learning a lot about truth this week. One specific highlight happened last Monday at 3:30 am. I received an angry email from a contact person who accused me of doing something that I didn’t do. She showed me a curse word and accusation that I had sent to her number and it seemed like she was angry at me for five days!😨 But, when I showed her that the mobile number she was texting WASN’T my number, everything made sense. Eventually, she apologized for how she responded.

That moment hit me! If I’m not careful with what I think of or if I’m not intentional in discovering the real truth, I may also end up believing in and acting on a lie, without me knowing.

But, more than knowing the truth, I find that there is greater value in experiencing it. Because knowledge of the truth can sometimes be shaken by lies that seem to be true. On the other hand, a personal experience with truth gives us first-hand access to it!

Even if others tell us it’s a lie, we won’t be easily shaken because we HAVE EXPERIENCED the truth!

Similar to gardening, I may not know tons about it, but when I read tips online, instead of immediately believing it, I like to experiment with it first. In this way, I am able to discover AND experience the truths (or lies) in them. E.g. Years ago, I didn’t know this. But after many experiments, I now know that if you put the right cutting of Basil in water, it will root and eventually grow as a new plant.🌱

I also may not know everything about God, the Bible, the world, or even myself. But, because by His grace, I AM EXPERIENCING His presence in my life (whenever I pray, study the Bible, and walk with Him), I can confidently say that He and His words are true.💯 This gives me hope even when I’m surrounded by troubles and lies.


📷: I took this photo during our trip in Bangkok last 2017. Only the BOTTOM 10% of the photo is real. The rest of the picture is only a reflection seen in a random puddle.

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