Cake Fail to Cake Pops

One of the things that I thank God for is our oven at home. Since 2005, we’ve been able to use it for desserts and meals and learn more about the processes of baking through it. However, since the oven is already deteriorating, it is inevitable for me to experience hassles and inconveniences whenever I use it.

Just last week, while I was experimenting with cakes, I got so frustrated with the oven that I started to complain and get discouraged. But, God used that moment to remind me of His grace and encouraged me to bake again.

The problem that I experienced with the oven was that it wouldn’t evenly circulate the heat. As a result, the outer part of the cake would be baked, but the inner (middle) part would still be raw/slightly raw. I even tried it with two recipes, but it still produced the same consistency.  So, I decided to call it a night.

Since I didn’t want to waste the ingredients, I kept the baked cake parts in an airtight container and baked the slightly raw parts in the oven more (which I eventually kept as well).

The next day, I was asking God about my next action steps for the “reject cake layers” that I kept. I knew that I couldn’t make a cake out of it because the layers were already a mess. I was even tempted to just throw them away and start again. But, God had a better idea. He encouraged me to make Cake Pops instead. :)


When I already had the time, I gathered the ingredients and made one cake pop at a time. It was interesting because after making a few Cake Pops, I began to appreciate their beauty and ‘awesomeness’. I told God: “Whoa, Lord. They were messed up cake layers a few minutes ago and now, they are lovely little treats! You are amazing.” :)

I then remembered a few lines from one of my favorite songs, “All the Broken Pieces” by Matthew West:

“I can take even your greatest mistake, every scar, every tear, every break. I can turn it into something more beautiful than you have ever seen. So, lift them up to Me.”

In the same way, I was reminded of how God continues to graciously love us and think about us in spite of our broken hearts, messed up attitudes, weaknesses, and sins. At that moment, God showed me that He had a purpose for our deteriorating oven. He wanted me to experience baking messed up cakes and turning them into Cake Pops to remind me of the love, grace, second chance, and hope that we have in Him.

“Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” – 1 Peter 5:7

It was encouraging because even though I wanted to throw the messed up cake layers when I got frustrated with them, God showed me that He can still make beautiful things out of them. And this reminded me to trust that God can also use the broken pieces in our lives, our past, and our struggles to make beautiful things for our good and for His glory.

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” – Romans 15:13


So, just in case you make a cake and it fails… Don’t get discouraged. MAKE CAKE POPS instead! :D


Encourage yourself one treat at a time. :)

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