THURSDAY TUNE #12: Grateful by Julianne

A few hours ago, it started to drizzle when I stepped out of the office. But, despite the inconvenience, I found myself smiling while I was walking under the light rain. I was smiling because I had just experienced God’s faithfulness in one of my tasks at work today. He graciously allowed me to finish one task that I was struggling with for the past days. And I guess, because of this, the hassle of walking under the rain didn’t bother me at all. :)

While I was on my way home, I remembered a few lines from a song which says: “I don’t even mind walking under the rain… And I’m grateful. You showed me the way back to my beautiful. I’m grateful.”

with Julianne Tarroja

I realized that it was Julianne Tarroja’s song, “Grateful”! I then sang the song in my head and realized that it was actually a very timely reminder for me because throughout the past few days, God has been encouraging me to trust in Him and thank Him even if I was experiencing stress and struggles at work.

This song has also strengthened my heart and helped me to dwell more on the things that I can thank God for (e.g. lessons learned during my experience, character development, humility, good results, etc.) than on my complaints and negative thoughts.

In everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” – 1 Thess. 5:18

So, for this Thursday’s tune, I would like to share with you “Grateful” by Julianne and I hope that you would also be encouraged. :)


I’m stronger than before
Stronger than I’ll ever be
And I raise my eyes to the One
The One who made me see
All what I thought was lost
But now is found
And I’m gratefulGrateful for the day
You called my name
Ever since You walked into the door
It’s never been the same
Mornings are brighter now
I’m not afraid
And I wake up each day
With a smile on my face

Coz I’ve been in places
Where I couldn’t even see
The light of day
And then You came

I’m grateful
You showed me the way back to my beautiful

Everything seems different now
Things are turned inside out
With a new pair of senses to go with around
It doesn’t even matter
If I’m up or down

Blues are bluer
Smiles are brighter
It draws a tear whenever
I watch the sunsets paint the sky
I don’t even mind walking under the rain
I never laughed like this before
And I’m gonna say it once more

Encourage yourself one tune at a time. :)

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