I Did It My Way

“I knew it wasn’t the right time. I knew I should have waited more. I knew I should have obeyed. But even if I knew those things, I did IT anyway. I did it my way.”


“I flipped the fish.”


I was frying two boneless bangus fish for lunch one afternoon when God reminded me of the importance of obedience. I knew how to properly fry fish. My mom taught me two things when it comes to frying fish: First, the oil must be appropriately hot before putting the fish in the pan. Second, once the fish is frying in the pan, we have to wait for the right time before flipping it over, to fry its other side.

I was frying the first fish for two to three minutes already when I decided to take a peek on the side of the fish that was being fried. It seemed like it was almost done, but I knew that it still wasn’t cooked thoroughly. I remembered mom’s instructions and I knew that I needed to wait more before I could flip it. However, the hint of pride in me took control and I assumed that I knew better at that moment. I eventually flipped the fish to fry its other side.

Unfortunately, when I tried to turn the fish over, a lot of its meat got stuck to the pan. It was a disaster! I ended up with a weird-looking bangus and had less fish meat to eat. I thought to myself: “If I only followed mom’s instructions and waited a bit more, I would not have ‘ruined’ the fish. :( ”

God then spoke to my heart and showed me how it is comparable to experiencing the consequences of disobedience in the other aspects of my life. Moreover, He reminded me of some reasons why I should learn to obey Him more:

Job 36:11
“If they obey and serve him,
they will spend the rest of their days in prosperity
and their years in contentment.”


Being Obedient helps:

  1. Protect us from certain dangers, unnecessary pains, and regrets. (e.g. too much oil absorbed in the fish, difficulty in flipping/cooking the fish; heartbreaks, sin, bitterness, etc.)
  2. Us be good stewards of the resources that God has given us. (e.g. not wasting the fish that mom bought; the time used for cooking; the kitchen equipment/ingredients used; money; etc.)
  3. Us fully experience God’s blessings in life. (e.g. being able to cook a whole fish properly and enjoy eating it afterwards; blessings in the workplace, in relationships, in the decisions that we make; etc.)
  4. Us bring joy and honor to God. (e.g. shows how we value God and His thoughts and decisions more than ours; humility; surrender; trust; contentment; etc.)

Thankfully, I still had a second bangus to fry! By God’s grace, I learned my lesson and was able to fry it properly and beautifully. I gave this fish to my younger brother who was eating lunch with me, while I ate the first fish I fried. I somehow still enjoyed eating it because although it was a ‘messed-up fish’ and it reminded me of the consequences of my pride/disobedience, God reassured me that His mercies are new for me each day. By His grace, I know that every day, I can trust in Him, knowing that His ways and plans are way better than mine and obey Him with all of my heart, soul, mind, and strength.


Are we doing it our way?

Are we obedient only when it is convenient?

Is there anything that is hindering us from obeying God at this point in our lives?


Psalm 119:10 “With my whole heart have I sought you: O let me not wander from your commandments.”



Encourage yourself one treat at a time. :)

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