Simple Sunday Snack: Lemon-Ginger Fish and Asparagus

I usually don’t delete messages in my mobile phone and I am not sure why. But recently, I was motivated to do so because whenever I would open my inbox or sent items, it would take 5 to 10 seconds to load! I checked the total number of messages and saw that it was already more than 4000. No wonder it constantly lagged. And so, I finally delete all of my messages. All, except one: The oldest message in my phone, which was a video of a cartoon asparagus that was sent to me by my sister.

DSC00113 - Copy

At first, I was hesitant because I had numerous messages (for the past years) that were special. Some of them were encouraging words from family and friends, conversations about funny experiences that I had in the past, and even secrets shared by close buddies. But somehow, I knew that deleting most, if not all, of my messages would give me a fresh start and help me be more productive with the time I spend using my phone.

DSC00063 - Copy

True enough, after deleting a huge bulk of my messages, it took less than a second to load my inbox or sent items. Hooray! It felt so good to not experience delays anymore. I loved it!

DSC00082 - Copy

After a few minutes of enjoying it, I opened the only message that I kept in my phone and watched it again. It was just a simple cartoon video for children, but it had so much truth in it. I watched the asparagus tell God about his day and I was encouraged to do the same too. In the video, you will see that at the end of the day, the asparagus chose to see God’s love for him in everything. And because of this, he was able to find rest and security in Him.

DSC00055 - Copy

Out of all the messages that I had in my phone, I’m glad that I kept this one because it was a great reminder for me to always seek God’s presence, to go back to the truth (the Bible), and find rest in who He is, no matter what happens.

Thank you, Veggie Tales, for this heartwarming video!

“I pray that God, the source of hope, will fill you completely with joy and peace because you trust in him. Then you will overflow with confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit.” [Romans 15:13]

Looking forward to resting in God’s presence this week! :)

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Simple Sunday Snack:

Grilled Ginger-Lemon Fish with Steamed Asparagus

5 or more sticks of raw Asparagus

Raw Fish fillet (1/4 kilo)

Half of a lemon (or more)

Salt and Pepper

2 tbsp. of grated ginger

2 minced cloves of garlic


Olive oil

Fresh herbs (a few leaves of basil or oregano)

DSC00095 - Copy


  1. In a bowl, place the raw fish, juice of half of a lemon, grated ginger, herbs, and minced garlic. (Optional: pinch of paprika). Mix and set aside for 15 minutes.
  2. Brush or sprinkle your pan/grill with olive oil and when it’s ready, add salt & pepper to the fish just before you cook them.
  3. Steam asparagus for 3-4 minutes until they have a bright green color. After steaming, set aside, sprinkle with salt & pepper, and drizzle lemon juice on them.
  4. Enjoy the grilled fish with crisp and juicy asparagus sticks while they’re still hot.

DSC00109 - Copy

Encourage yourself one treat at a time. :)

Simple Sunday Snack: JELL-O WEDGES

I love how God randomly reveals Himself to us through nature. Nowadays, I rarely get to see sunsets, but when I do, my heart melts because I am reminded of God’s beauty and greatness. Also, whenever I witness seeds grow into fruit-bearing trees, I am amazed because only He can do such a wonderful thing. It really is a delight to experience God through these simple things. Just recently, He gave me another opportunity to get to know Him more while I was experimenting with one of His fruity creations: ORANGES!

I couldn't find the photos of the ones I made, but they looked like the Jell-O smiles in this photo. (Taken from
I couldn’t find the photos of the ones I made, but they looked like the Jell-O smiles in this photo. (Taken from

A few months ago, I saw random people making Jell-O orange wedges in the internet and I fell in love with the idea. What a simple, delicious, and delightful treat! And so, I bought oranges and packs of Jell-O.

Making the JELL-O Wedges/Smiles involves the following steps:



GENTLY SCOOP OUT THE FRUIT. (You may also use the fruit as a dressing for your salad or as an ingredient in your juices/shakes, etc.)










I really enjoyed preparing the Jell-O smiles because the steps were really simple. However, in the process of doing so, I unintentionally created holes in 3 of the orange molds that I had. While I was scooping the fruit out, the “inner orange peel” also came out, as seen in the photo below.


I tried to stuff crumpled foil in it and under it to prevent the Jell-O from pouring out. But, after preparing and chilling the molds, it still leaked and I ended up with half-filled Jell-O smiles.


In the same way, God used this moment to remind me of the importance of surrendering every part of me and my life to Him. Because even a tiny hole in my life, a hint of sin, or anything that hinders me from knowing, loving, and obeying God will cause me to have a half-filled, mediocre life.


I praise God for His goodness because we have hope in Him always. It says in John 10:10 “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I [Jesus] came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.”


Our God, who created us, also desires that we live our lives with Him abundantly. And because of His grace, we can experience this fullness of life when we humble ourselves before Him and accept Jesus as our personal Lord and Savior.

I pray that we won’t settle for a ‘half-filled life’, because God deserves the best! He deserves our best effort, time, resources, and praises. He deserves to be honored with hearts that are totally surrendered to Him and lives that are committed to Him. :)

I know that the same God who paints beautiful sunsets and makes fruit-bearing trees grow, can also wonderfully work in our hearts and lives for our good and for His glory! Indeed, nothing is impossible with Him.

Encourage yourself one treat at a time!

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